There Once Was A Note

This site is obviously named after a lyric in The Who’s “Pure And Easy.” The most critical part of the lyric comes after the words “There once was a note.” It’s the word listen. The purpose of what I do here, and on Twitter, is to encourage you to listen to music that’s being made right now. So many radio stations traffic in “Classic Rock,” and there’s nothing wrong with that, because they’re playing records that have been enjoyed by millions of people. Nothing wrong with that, except…

…they’ve been heard millions of times by millions of people. There’s so much good music out there, much of which you might enjoy as much as the “greatest hits” played by most radio stations. Maybe you’d even enjoy some of the newer bands better, if you gave them a chance.

Here are a few of the artists I support. All of the names below link to their individual Twitter accounts. Check them out, follow them, listen to their music, buy their music, go see them perform. The best acts of today are the “Classic Rock” acts of tomorrow.

Michael Des Barres

The Jellybricks

The Forty Nineteens

Kris Rodgers

Ryan Hamilton

Bruce Smith

Taming Sari

Jim Basnight

The Armoires, and all of the acts at Big Stir Records